Abstract Submission

Deadline – 31 January 2020

Prospective authors for both papers and posters are invited to submit a title and a maximum 300 word abstract using the link below.

Authors will be notified by 6 March 2020 and invited to submit a full paper by 24 April 2020.
Completed papers may be up to 8 pages long, including diagrams. Abstracts and papers will be reviewed.

Abstract submission is now open – please click here: https://inconference.eventsair.com/icua-2020/abstract-submission


Abstract submission is now open


• Acoustic bathymetry mapping
• Acoustic measurement of sediment transport
• Ambient noise measurement and modelling
• Bioacoustics and Biosonar
• Bubble acoustics
• Geophysical exploration
• Geoacoustic inversion
• Effects of sound on marine life
• Fluctuations and scattering
• Marine renewables
• Measurement and modelling of acoustic particle motion
• Measurement and modelling of airguns and airgun arrays
• Metamaterials
• Noise and vibration from pile driving
• Ocean observatories
• Polar Acoustics
• Radiated noise from ships
• Scattering from biota and particles in the
water column

• Sea surface acoustic scattering
• Seabed and sediment classification
• Seabed propagation of interface waves &
evanescent waves
• Sediment imaging and mapping
• Sediment surface and volume acoustic scattering
• Signal processing
• Sonar & transducer test and calibration
• Sonar Performance measurement and modelling
• Standards in underwater acoustics
• Synthetic aperture sonar
• Target scattering
• Tomography
• Transducer and array technology
• Underwater communications
• Underwater Propagation – 2D and 3D
• Underwater acoustic detection and classification
and clearance of unexploded ordnance
• Very low frequency acoustics


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